20A LED PWM Charge Controller 12/24V

20A LED PWM Charge Controller 12/24V

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20A LED PWM Charge Controller 12/24V fully integrated Day-Night Timer (Sensor)

The 20A Charge Controller 12/24V timer is especially suitable for operating solar lighting systems such as battery operated street and parking lighting as well as security systems.
A complete Solar Controller used to charge the battery during the day, turn on a light at night.
This unit with its fused battery and intergal day night sensor as well a remote control capability is a complete solar control system.

-Double Power output (2x Terminals)

Solar charge controllers are included in most PV systems to protect the batteries from overcharge and excessive discharge. The minimum function of the controller is to automatically assure the battery is fully charged and keep the battery fully charged without damage to the battery.
The 12A Solar Charge Controller take the uncertain voltage from a Solar Panel and condition it to safely charge all batteries.

Certified in accordance with CE
Production certified in accordance with ISO 9001

Model  20A Controller + Timer 12/24V
Load Voltage Shut Down   11,08V - 22,15V
Over Charge Shut Down   14,40V - 28,90V
Max. Solar Panel Current  20Amper 150Watt
Size  145x95x35mm
Self Current use  5mA
Fuse  30A
Weight  185 Gramm

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