28 Ah AGM Gel Battery 12 Volts

Product no.: BAPLAG1202635-batterie-solaire-etanche-agm-12v-26Ah

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AGM battery technology has continued to develop and offer improvements over other sealed battery technologies. AGM technology has become the next step in the evolution of both starting and deep cycle sealed batteries for marine, RV, and aviation applications. This "next generation" technology delivers increased safety, performance, and service life over all other existing sealed battery types, including gel technology.

The AGM battery has an extremely low internal electrical resistance. This, combined with faster acid migration, allows the AGM batteries to deliver and absorb higher rates of amperage than other sealed batteries during discharging and charging. In addition, AGM technology batteries can be charged at normal lead-acid regulated charging voltages, therefore, it is not necessary to recalibrate charging systems or purchase special chargers.

Electrical caracteristics

Voltage :
Ah :
Operating température :
Manufacture :

-60° à +60°


Dimensions and weight

Lenght :
Width :
Height :
Weight :

181 mm 
77 mm 
167 mm
5,9 Kg

Certification Iso 9001

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