All products sold in the shop SOLAR KIT benefits:
- The European legal guarantee of conformity (CE, ISO 9001, TUV)
- The legal warranty against hidden defects of manufacture
- Victron products : 5 years, excepted the batteries : 2 years






The detail level of the legal warranty against hidden defects of manufacture is indicated on the form SAV.

    Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels: 2 years parts and labor for 25 years and 90% minimum of the advertised power.
    Amorphous solar panels: 1 year parts and labor
    UPS injection system: 5 years (possible extension for brands and MASTERVOLT STECA)
    Converters quasi-sinusoidal wave (wave amended): 1 month
    Pure sine wave inverters (pure water): 2 years
    AGM Batteries: 6 months (not deep cycle)
    GEL batteries: 2 years (excluding discharge)
    12V sensors and timers: 1 year
    Charge controllers standards: 1 month
    PWM charge controllers: 1 year
    MPPT charge controllers: 2 years
    Solar Chargers Goal Zero: 1 year (excluding battery AGM)
    Wind turbines and controllers: 2 years
    Fountains and solar pumps: 1 year
    12V Bulbs: No delay
    Outdoor Lighting: 6 months
    Hydro turbine: 1 year
    12V Appliances: 1 year


The manufacturer's warranty covers only manufacturing defects hidden. We invite you before your return request to our customer service that the problem is not the result of misuse or other item not covered by the legal warranty against hidden defects manufacturer manufacturing.

The manufacturer's warranty for products sold by SOLAR KIT do not cover:
- Replacing the following components: batteries, light bulbs, fuses, diodes, cables, filters, or other wear parts.
- Abnormal use or non-compliant products as specified by the manufacturer. We invite you in this regard to carefully review the instruction manual supplied with the product (s) (s) or available on our website
- Damage to the intervention or removal of a repair not authorized by SOLAR KIT
- Damage resulting from a cause external to the device (eg transport damage, accident, impact, fall, lightning, a power fluctuation ...).
In all cases, SOLAR KIT can not be held responsible for any manufacturer's refusal to apply the legal guarantee for the reasons set out above.
The product (s) must be returned as soon as possible to our customer service is essential for carrier with delivery against signature (the Post Office, UPS, DHL, TNT, etc ...) with Service Form below:

In case of no support for the legal warranty against hidden defects of manufacture, transportation costs will be paid back by the applicant (shipment against reimbursement of the actual costs).

Important: No packages will be received at the headquarters of KIT SOLAR LLC if it is not in good condition and delivered by a carrier. SOLAR KIT committed to the News Release contact manufacturers for your exercise your rights regarding warranties on products distributed and non-repairable technical center.
Whatever the problem with your product, it is imperative that the product is returned in its original box with all its components, and a copy of the duly completed Service.
* Please note that the statutory warranty does not apply to compensation for damage resulting from a cause external to the device (eg accident, shock, lightning, a power fluctuation, a Mauvier connection, lack maintenance ...), or fault of the user resulting for example from a job or installation not in accordance with manufacturer's specifications, use of harmful to the good preservation of the material. The shipping costs for return SAV shall be borne by the applicant.

Download Acrobat Reader to edit the form SAV: Demande_SAV_SOLAR-Kit.pdf