200 Watt LCD Pure Sine Inverter 12V

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This converter with sinusoidal pure wave of the German mark Effekta transforms the energy contained in your battery into a current similar to that of the network of city.

The tension of entry planned for this converter is of 12Vdc. The output voltage of the converter is of 220-230Vac~50/60Hz what will enable you to supply all your electricals appliance within the limit of the nominal nominal output and peak of your equipment and this where which you are.

The converters with sinusoidal pure wave avoid the risks of parasites and meet the needs for the electricals appliance requiring an important starting capacity such as the refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioners, information processing system sensitive and like all the engine apparatuses.

The nominal nominal output and the power peak announced of the converter must be higher than the sum of the powers of the apparatuses supplied with this last.

The quality of manufacture of this converter is to be underlined because it profits from standard ISO 9001 & ROHS and a guarantee against the latent defects of one one year duration manufacture. The case external of this converter is made out of anodic aluminum covered partially with an epoxy layer of color black.

The strong points of this inverter with pure wave are:

German manufacture
Fast speed of setting in power
Luminous control in frontage (walk, alarm, frequency, etc…)
Protections controlled by a microprocessor
Overload surcharge
Thermal protection against overheatings thanks to a system of regulation by ventilation
Protection against the short-circuits
Protection against a tension of entry misfit
Selector of frequency 50 or 60 Hz according to your needs for your apparatuses

Conditions of using :

In isolated site: Camp-site, boat, garage, cottage of garden, motor home, country cottage, caravan, etc…
In principal residence or secondary in the event of power cut in order to supply all your current electricals appliance.

How to use and bring into service this product:

The first stage consists with the connection of the battery to the converter of current very of respecting the polarities (Section of cable recommended of 10mm ² for a system 12Vdc, 6mm ² for 24Vdc and 4mm ² for 48Vdc). Then, to connect the catch of your electricals appliance on the socket in frontage of the converter. To light the converter of current thanks to the switch go/stop and then to make in the same way for the electricals appliance feed.
Important: A converter of current connects always exclusively on a battery whose tension is adapted.


Additional product information

Out voltage 230Vac~ RMS 50-60Hz
Power 200 W
Power max 300 W (180 sec.)
Input Voltage 10,5Vdc - 15,5Vdc
Self consumption 0,62A
Size (mm) 230 mm x 119 mm x 71 mm
Weight (kg) 1,6 Kg

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